With the ever-changing world and serious concerns that everyone is facing FRG is proud to announce we are producing Protective Shields. These shields are for anywhere that you have person to person contact. The shield is another added layer of protection to the frontline workers. There are many applications these can be used, retail, check in stations, offices spaces, medical clinics and hospitals stations, and so much more. We have introduced three different products to suite everyone’s needs.


Our easy shield is made up of 6mm Polycarbonate (not acrylic). Polycarbonate has a high impact resistance and is highly resistant to chemicals. This “EASY SHIELD” can be set up in minutes, and is a standalone Shield that is placed on a desk or counter with a 12×4 inch pass thru

Sizes are as follows:
36” x 42”
40” x 42”
44” x 42”
48” x 42”


The PERMA SHIELD is a permanent shield that is anchored directly to a desk or counter. It consists of two 12-inch stainless steel posts with stainless steel standoffs that hold the 10mm tempered glass with polished edges. There is a 4-inch pass thru the entire width of the shield.

• Glass is a less porous surface compared to acrylic and polycarbonate, which makes it easy to disinfect, and keeping the surface clean
• The other benefits to glass barriers it will resist scratching, it stays clear, and it will not discolor like you will find with acrylic and polycarbonate.
• The PERMA SHIELD is also aesthetically appealing and will not look like a quick fix.

Sizes are as follows:
36” x 44”
40” x 44”
44” x 44”
48” x 44”


This 3-sided shield offers the most protection for a desktop or counter application. This shield is built to set on a desk or counter. It is constructed with 1 ½ x1 ½ stainless tubing with 6mm Polycarbonate front sides and has a 12” x 4” pass thru slot on the front.

Sizes are as follows:
36” x 48” front 24” sides
40” x 48” front 24” sides
44” x 48” front 24” sides
48” x 48” front 24” sides

FRG can also custom design a Protective Shield to fit your space. We will design, and fabricate to your existing area, and provide drawings before fabrication.

These Shield are designed to provide an added layer of protection and cannot guarantee a complete defense against COVID-19. Regular hand washing and refraining from touching your face are also some of the best measures to protect yourself from this virus.

Please view our gallery of work and we invite your calls or email to discuss any of your glass needs.